Our Vision:

IPMA supports practitioners, academics, and all project management experts to share their knowledge and experience for the benefit of the profession and society at large.

Therefore, IPMA strives to be the first source of knowledge in project management.

Our Mission:

IPMA is a global project management association that promotes competence throughout society. With this purpose,

  • IPMA publishes manuscripts in the areas of governance as well as management of projects, programs and portfolios respectively related to the IPMA Global Standards ICB, OCB & PEB;
  • IPMA provides access to a database of various publication formats, including but not limited to textbooks, white papers and conference proceedings, in print or electronic format;
  • IPMA serves as a valuable knowledge resource for anyone interested in the field of project management, from students to professionals and researchers to decision makers; and
  • IPMA promotes through its publications the recognition of project management and engages stakeholders around the world in advancing the discipline.
  • IPMA provides access to knowledge in project management worldwide

Types of publications

IPMA issues publications in a variety of formats, e.g.

  • monograph or a research book – specialist book on a particular topic, written by one author; this form of publication is typically used to present findings drawn from practice or research in order to describe existing challenges and suitable approaches foro solving them, or to describe new, innovative approaches for projects
  • textbook – book that is used in the study of a subject (reading materials and exercises for education courses) to learn facts and methods; sometimes have questions to test the knowledge and understanding of the learner
  • handbook – with instructions and guidelines on a specific topic (reading material and exercises for training – manual), typically written by several authors; usually offer practical examples, assignments, tools, and methods for applying project management in practice
  • insights – particular topic giving basic background information and illustrating this by means of various situations, projects, or even case studies
  • case study – study of a particular case, showing the context and describing, on the basis of a problem, the chosen approach to the solution, with its advantages and disadvantages, aiming to be transferred to the reader’s situation.

Your benefits

You will benefit from a number of advantages when you become an author, e.g.

  • gain recognition through a publication in the network of the globally positioned IPMA
  • get more visibility through marketing as well as distribution via social media or other channels in IPMA’s global network of more than 70 member associations
  • secure your points for the IPMA Continuous Professional Development (CPD) system, required for a re-certification in the global network of certified professionals
  • obtain support from the IPMA in all aspects of the conception, creation, layout, and marketing of your publication
  • attract attention with your publication and present your know-how at IPMA congresses, e.g., at the annual IPMA World Congress

Our Team

Dr. Reinhard Wagner
Dr. Reinhard WagnerEditor-in-Chief
Dr. Inga Minelgaite
Dr. Inga Minelgaite
Dr. Eleni Papadonikolaki
Dr. Eleni Papadonikolaki
Dr. Yan Xue
Dr. Yan Xue
Dr. Giel Bekker
Dr. Giel Bekker
South Africa
Dr. Giorgio Locatelli
Dr. Giorgio Locatelli
German Gallardo Zevallos
German Gallardo Zevallos